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PC蛋蛋APP  自主研发的全自动巨力碎草机填补了我国自动化切草的一项空白。获取中华人民共和国专利。"全自动巨力碎草机”被国家发改委誉为“将我国的生物质能利用技术向前推进了一大步。”





  Wenxian County Fiat Juli Machinery Co. Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise China most professional large-scale automatic strawbreaking machine R & D, production, sales and the only customer service service.

  Full automatic Juli straw crushing machine developed to fill a gap in China's automation chaffcutler, opened up the world of thechaffcutter。 Access to the People's Republic of China patent。 'Automatic Juli straw crushing machine" by the national development and ReformCommission known as "China's biomass energy utilization technology is a big step forward。" Automatic chaffcutter Juli absolute superiority toits automatic, high efficiency and energy saving, stable, safe and convenient, won many enterprises welcome domestic and foreign expertspraise, with irresistible force potential, completely replace theraditional artificial feeding grass cutting machine。

  At present, the company covers an area of more than 60 thousand square meters, more than 250 workers and more than 60 Engineersand technicians of college or above, with the same scale of R & D and production. In a few years, the products sell well in Henan, Hebei,Shandong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Guangdong, Chongqing, Hubei, Shaanxi, Shaanxi, Shaanxi, post, and... And Finland, Vietnam,Kazakhstan and Russia and other countries. The industry involves papermaking, pulping, green energy, biomass fuel, environmental protectionboard, scale breeding, feed silage, Chinese herbal medicine plant, plant beverage plant, organic fertilizer plant, organic feed plant, straw powerplant, and straw ethanol production.

  Relying on outstanding technical talents trained for many years, the company always adheres to the policy of "survive by product quality,seek progress with technological progress, compete for advantages with product varieties, and win credibility with quality service". And theseprinciples are all depended on strong technical force, sophisticated processing equipment, complete testing means, thoughtful pre-sale andafter-sales service to ensure. Technological reform can only guarantee the development of production. Only by technological innovation canwe achieve the leap of production. Our company is developing new technologies and developing new products continuously based on this guidingideology. Not only with the horizontal union of colleges and universities, but also specialized research institutions. And the establishment ofspecial experimental manufacturers to ensure the promotion and implementation of new technology and new products.

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